So Ill Holds 2020 Gold Climbing Shoe Review
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So Ill Holds 2020 Gold Climbing Shoe Review

Product SKU: SIH0022
Manufacturer number: 2020G-GOL-115
UPC: 046655799562
Color: Gold
Brand: So Ill Holds
Category: Climb
Condition: New
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Climbers already thought So Ill’s Street Climbing Shoe was pure gold for competitions. Well, So Ill decided to make a literal gold version to celebrate the worldwide contest that finally recognizes climbing as a competitive sport. The 2020 Gold Climbing Shoe is just as aggressive, downturned, and sensitive as the Street to give you the advantage when it comes time for you to beat the competition. Its Dark Matter rubber comes from So Ill’s UnParallel Rubber family, which the Navy Seals use for reliable traction during covert missions, and its non-marking convenience ensures long-lasting durability. The synthetic upper has a padded tongue for comfort, and since it doesn’t stretch much, So Ill recommends sizing the shoe similarly to your regular street shoe.

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