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Trango’s Sicuro Helmet is a two-part hybrid helmet for climbing. This helmet is designed to protect the top of your head when someone knocks a rock off, but really you should still just get out of the way if you can. It uses a durable hardshell exterior to deflect objects coming from above, and a foam interior to absorb impact. Vents allow for plenty of air flow to keep your head feeling as cool as you look, so there’s really no reason to take it off until you make it back to the car. For extra safety, wear it all the way home, and don’t take it off until you’re securely tucked into bed.

Product SKU:TRG002L
Brand: Trango
Condition: new
Color: One Color
Size: One Size
Manufacturer number: 25003-300
upc: 845823051484
Vendor Sku: 25003-300
Availability: Check website above for stock availability
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