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Magnus Bullhead Broadheads – Stainless Steel



Arrow that tom with confidence and dont worry about tracking him with the new Bullhead Broadheads by Magnus. These broadheads have excellent flight out of the fastest bows and ensure a clean, ethical kill. The large cutting surface is created for head and neck shots for turkey and all sorts of small game. While most broadheads bury in the weeds after a missed shot, the large diameter of the blades act as a brake and stop the arrow from sneaking into grass and cover. The 100-grain, three blade has a 3 cutting surface, while the 125-grain has a 4 cutting surface with razor-sharp stainless steel blades with a thickness of .048 thousands. The screw-in ferrule is made out of the strongest aircraft aluminum for extreme strength and durability. Per 3. Available: 100-grain, 3; 125-grain, 4. Color: Stainless Steel. Type: Decapitation Broadheads.

Product SKU:418358
Brand: Magnus
Category: Archery
Manufacturer number: MATH125
UPC: 00789176001003

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