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Kayak Tour of Scappoose Bay

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Scappoose Bay is a unique and beautiful paddle destination rich in wildlife history and visual splendors. Located just 30 minutes north of Portland Scappoose Bay is an ideal place to view an abundance of birds along with other wildlife like deer beaver otter and sea lions. During this kayak tour REI will lead you through the tidally influenced bay and explore some of the 85 000 acres of important marine ecosystem. Kayakers of all skill levels including beginners will enjoy the protected waters with only minimal motorized boat traffic. We may even enjoy a secluded and wild part of the bay all to ourselves shared only with waterfowl migrating shorebirds and raptors. Join REI and spend the day learning why Scappoose Bay is so vital to native Salmon as well as many other animals and plants and deserves to be explored and protected.


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