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Houdini Airborn Boxer – Men’s

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Backpacking might be the cheapest way to travel across Europe, but you need extremely comfortable clothing in order to enjoy the fast-paced, physically challenging endeavors that come along with it. So start off with the Houdini Airborn Boxer for comfort where it really counts. This boxer blends silk with merino wool for an optimum performance that’s made for traveling. Merino wool warms you up in cold environments and cools you off when you run for the train, and it’s antimicrobial so it stays fresh after multiple uses without a wash. Silk adds a strong, durable quality that you’ll appreciate when all your other boxers break apart, and it remains highly soft and smooth. Alpha-seams reduce bulk in your traveling attire for all-day comfort whether you’re exploring the Orsay in Paris or relaxing by the river in Florence.

Product SKU:HOU004N
Brand: Houdini
Condition: new
Color: Bleached Black
Size: L
Manufacturer number: 256974-025-l
Vendor Sku: 256974-025-l
Availability: Check website above for stock availability
Free Shipping: Yes

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