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Castelli Velocissimo Short – Men’s

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that buying Castelli’s more accessibly-priced kit requires you to make a major sacrifice in quality. Sure, you won’t see Castelli’s Velocissimo Short building tan lines on the toned legs of the peloton, but it was designed and tested with the same goals as the Italian firm’s top-level kit. If you’re looking for an everyday pair of training bibs that can handle repeated use and plenty of hot days, the Velocissimo will earn you the timeless scorpion aesthetics and proven Castelli construction without the hit to your bank account. Castelli starts with nine panels of its proprietary Affinity fabric to craft the main body of the short. A stretchy synthetic, Affinity equips the short to manage moisture on hot days while remaining close and contoured to your body in the saddle. A mesh bib encourages airflow and moisture evaporation on your top half, with Castelli’s wide Doppio waistband lending support as you change body position in the saddle. Take the Velocissimo out on longer rides comfortably with the Kiss Air chamois standing between you and harsh road vibrations; it won’t be as slim or lithe as the inserts in Castelli’s pro-level kit, but it features more than enough plush, multi-density foam carefully arranged to give you support and relief in the saddle on your longest rides.

Product SKU:CST00AY
Brand: Castelli
Condition: new
Color: Black
Size: XXL
Manufacturer number: L16004010-6
Vendor Sku: L16004010-6
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