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Bertucci Watches A-4T Aero Heritage Collection Watch – Men’s



Modern life puts you in front of a screen more than you’d like, so when you get the opportunity to get outside for a few days, you don’t want a digital screen strapped to your wrist the whole time. The Bertucci A-4T Aero Heritage Collection Watch combines simple functionality with a vintage design that serves the primary function of any watch: it keeps track of time. And while it may not sync with your email account, monitor your heart rate, or track your location via GPS, doesn’t it sound nice to escape from all that overly complicated gadgetry’

Product SKU:BSE001F
Brand: Bertucci Watches
Condition: new
Color: Black/Defender Olive
Size: One Size
Manufacturer number: H13462
upc: 872625005469
Vendor Sku: H13462
Availability: Check website above for stock availability
Free Shipping: Yes

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