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Beal Opera Golden Dry Climbing Rope – 8.5mm

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Weighing in at 48 grams per meter, Beal’s Opera Golden Dry Climbing Rope is the lightest single rope as well as the skinniest. Certified as a half, twin, or single, The Opera’s 8. 5mm diameter provides the ultimate versatility specifically designed for high-level climbers from sport senders to ice mountaineers. A Unicore construction bonds the sheath to the core for better abrasion-resistance, slippage elimination, and a supple performance that slides through belay devices and carabiners. Beal’s Golden Dry treats the core and the sheath with water-resistance, resulting in much less water absorption compared to climbing ropes with only water-resistant sheaths.

Product SKU:BEA000P
Brand: Beal
Condition: new
Color: Blue
Size: 60m
Manufacturer number: 491092
Vendor Sku: 491092
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