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Aqua-Bound Eagle Ray Hybrid Paddle


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Featuring Aqua-Bound’s most efficient touring blade shape, the 2 Piece Eagle Ray Hybrid Paddle allows low-angle paddlers to get the most out of every stroke. The sleek blade reduces fatigue and joint strain, which is ideal for long kayak tours or just for people who want a pleasant paddle without sore shoulders. Made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon resin, this blade is strong and lightweight. While the blade may weigh a few ounces more than its purely carbon-reinforced counterpart, it also keeps your wallet weighing a bit more as well. Thanks to Aqua-Bound’s new exclusive resin, it is still significantly lighter than previous generations. The Eagle Ray’s shaft itself is made of super-tough carbon composite that also boasts a weight light enough for long, multi-day tours. Its sturdy design is ideal for paddlers going long-distances into rocky or variable waters where breaking a paddle is a legitimate threat. This puppy is tough enough that you won’t need to worry about that threat in the slightest.

Product SKU:AQB001N
Brand: Aqua-Bound
Condition: new
Color: White abXII/2pc Posi-Lok
Size: 220cm
Manufacturer number: REA-PC2FW-220
upc: 717320484815
Vendor Sku: REA-PC2FW-220
Availability: Check website above for stock availability
Free Shipping: Yes

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