Be safe when you head out for your snowboarding sessions with these snowboard helmets and goggles. Durable goggles protect your eyes from snow blindness while our helmets stylishly protect your head in the event of a wipeout.

Airdog ADII Auto-Follow Drone
Airdog ADII Auto-Follow Drone

You’re not a narcissist, but there’s no denying you’ve got some sweet moves. From epic ski lines to tricks in the park with your crew, why not have the Airdog ADDII Auto-Follow Drone along for the adventure, so you can … Read More

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Airdog Auto-Follow Drone
Airdog Auto-Follow Drone

Being the world’s first auto-follow drone engineered for action-sports use, the AirDog Auto-Follow Drone captures stunning footage with your GoPro camera (not included), filming your every move while you surf, kiteboard, snowboard, ski, skateboard, or wakeboard. It’s also a great … Read More

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Anon Aera Helmet - Women's
Anon Aera Helmet – Women’s

The Anon Women’s Aera Helmet features a classic design with modern updates to keep your dome completely comfortable and safe. Features like the long-haired fleece lining that won’t pull your hair, a ventilated channel through the goggles, and the StrapStash … Read More

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Anon Echo Helmet - Men's
Anon Echo Helmet – Men’s

We’ve all been there, charging down the mountain making glorious turns one second, only to catch an unexpected edge or get bucked off-balance in a turbulent tomahawk the very next moment. Prepare yourself from unexpected spills and nasty falls with … Read More

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Anon Echo MIPS Helmet - Men's
Anon Echo MIPS Helmet – Men’s

We’ve all been there, ripping down the mountain at high speeds one minute, only to snag an unexpected edge or get bucked off-balance, tumbling down the mountain the very next. Protect yourself for the next unexpected fall with the impressively … Read More

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Anon Endure Helmet - Men's
Anon Endure Helmet – Men’s

Make sure you live to ride another day with the help of the Anon Endure Helmet. It’s built with innovative design features and materials to provide long-lasting protection while offering lightweight comfort. Flex Shell construction fuses a lightweight ABS shell … Read More

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Anon Omega Helmet - Men's
Anon Omega Helmet – Men’s

Prepare yourself for any potential mishaps this winter with the Anon Women’s Omega Helmet. Rocking In-Mold construction, the Omega provides a sleek, lightweight feel with certified impact protection in the event of a high-speed crash. It’s upgraded with a Boa … Read More

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Anon Raider Helmet
Anon Raider Helmet

Anon has broken new ground this year, going beyond goggles and introducing a new line of snowsport helmets. The company is obsessed with cool design and excellent functionality, and even its lower-priced Raider Helmet demonstrates the quality that Anon is … Read More

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Anon Rodan Helmet - Men's
Anon Rodan Helmet – Men’s

Impressively lightweight and low-profile, the Anon Rodan Helmet is barely noticeable when you’re dialing in those backside sevens in the park and hucking sketchy cliffs lurking beneath the tram station. In-Mold construction keeps it exceptionally light and low-profile, all while … Read More

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Anon Wren Helmet - Women's
Anon Wren Helmet – Women’s

The time has come when you’re ready to bail and the blues and hit some steeper terrain, but you’ll need a noggin’ protector before you go, one that can stay with you as you progress. The Anon Wren Women’s Helmet … Read More

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Bern Team Baker EPS Thin Shell Helmet with Earflaps - Men's
Bern Team Baker EPS Thin Shell Helmet with Earflaps – Men’s

Bern certified the Team Baker EPS Thin Shell Helmet for snowboarding, skateboarding, and mountain biking so you can stay safe year-round. The thin ABS shell feels light for summer weather, and EPS foam protects your dome form hardpack and rocky … Read More

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Giro Battle Helmet - Men's
Giro Battle Helmet – Men’s

Go mano-a-mano with the park armed with the Battle Helmet. Should a skirmish end in a head-to-head confrontation, the Battle offers rugged protection for your secret weapon–your brain. To top it off, this helmet’s killer moto style wins the day. … Read More

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Giro Combyn Helmet - Men's
Giro Combyn Helmet – Men’s

The Giro Combyn Helmet represents a new revolution of safety and comfort for skiers and snowboarders. Its Softshell construction utilizes Vinyl Nitrile–a flexible yet impact-absorbing material–to provide form-fitting comfort that meets the standards of CE EN1077, the safety certification for … Read More

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Giro Disciple S MIPS Helmet - Men's
Giro Disciple S MIPS Helmet – Men’s

If you plan to go big in the park or the pipe, you’ll need some safety for your head. Giro has you covered with the Disciple S MIPS and it’s engineered to provide you with lightweight protection giving you the … Read More

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Giro Era Helmet - Women's
Giro Era Helmet – Women’s

One of the most popular helmets in Giro’s line, the Women’s Era Helmet offers a sleek, no-nonsense design that emphasizes functional comfort, a dialed fit, and proven protection. In-Mold construction maintains a lightweight, low-profile feel while maximizing protection from harsh … Read More

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Giro Era MIPS Helmet - Women's
Giro Era MIPS Helmet – Women’s

The Giro Women’s Era MIPS Helmet provides peace of mind from the accidental bumps, spills, and crashes you’re bound to experience while pushing your skills to the next level. In-Mold construction enables the helmet to be as lightweight and low-profile … Read More

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