Kitsbow 5in V File Sock
Kitsbow 5in V File Sock

All day epics in the mountains and spirited romps in the woods require a soft, highly breathable pair of socks that wick moisture off your feet to keep them cool and dry. Fulfilling these very needs for trail riders, the … Read More

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Kitsbow A/M Ventilated Shorts - Men's
Kitsbow A/M Ventilated Shorts – Men’s

A trip to shred the loamy OG trails of BC is almost guaranteed to be damp and cool, which means that when you roll up to the trailhead it’ll be 95, sunny, and mega humid. It’s all gravy, though, because … Read More

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Kitsbow Adjustable Waist Shorts - Men's
Kitsbow Adjustable Waist Shorts – Men’s

Let’s start with the elephant in the room: the Kitsbow Adjustable Waist Men’s Shorts are expensive. For that type of change, you’d expect them to provide a little bit more than most trail shorts, and they certainly do, starting with … Read More

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Kitsbow Adjuster Short - Men's
Kitsbow Adjuster Short – Men’s

One short for every ride, the Kitsbow Men’s Adjuster Short handles all types of terrain and weather conditions with comfort, durability, and performance. Crafted from a robust Schoeller fabric, and treated with 3XDRY, this mountain bike short stretches with you … Read More

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Kitsbow Block K Merino 6in Sock
Kitsbow Block K Merino 6in Sock

You might not consider yourself to be a sock connoisseur, but that doesn’t mean you should throw any cotton tube sock on for your ride without thinking twice. Instead, treat your little tootsies to threads that work with them, to … Read More

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Kitsbow Coleman Valley Bib Short - Men's
Kitsbow Coleman Valley Bib Short – Men’s

A ride is all about the experience–up winding mountain roads, along pristine coastlines, through lush farm fields, and down autumnal descents–and Kitsbow designed the Coleman Valley Men’s Bib Shorts to help you enjoy the best parts of every adventure in … Read More

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Kitsbow Collared Henley Jersey - Men's
Kitsbow Collared Henley Jersey – Men’s

We all wish the summer months took over a little more of the year than they do — that’s why we tend to pack as much into them as possible. Sometimes that means heading from the office to the trail, … Read More

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Kitsbow Front Range Sweatshirt - Men's
Kitsbow Front Range Sweatshirt – Men’s

Take to the trail in a classic crewneck sweatshirt that’s optimized for all-mountain shredding in the Kitsbow Front Range Sweatshirt for men. It’s constructed from an incredibly fine blend of merino wool and synthetic fibers, allowing the piece to achieve … Read More

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Kitsbow Geysers' Road Bike Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Men's
Kitsbow Geysers’ Road Bike Jersey – Short-Sleeve – Men’s

Think Kitsbow just makes mountain bike clothing’ Think again. The Short-Sleeve Geysers’ Road Bike Jersey is a go anywhere top that looks and feels great with classic Kitsbow styling. The Merino wool and polyester blend are as performance-driven as it … Read More

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Kitsbow Haskell Short - Men's
Kitsbow Haskell Short – Men’s

Much as it pains one to admit, there’s life beyond the trails, and while you can’t always be in the saddle, you can (almost) always be in the Kitsbow Haskell Men’s Shorts. They’re rally-ready trail shorts that look good enough … Read More

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Kitsbow King's Ridge Windbreaker - Men's
Kitsbow King’s Ridge Windbreaker – Men’s

The scenic landscape and intermittent grades of King Ridge Road have inspired countless paeans from publications with the California/Colorado bias shared generally by cycling media throughout North America. Kitsbow’s decision to name its weather-resistant King’s Ridge Men’s Windbreaker after that … Read More

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Kitsbow Merino Mountain Hoodie - Men's
Kitsbow Merino Mountain Hoodie – Men’s

When kitting out and layering up for the trail, we typically find that all of the elements of our kit are composed of a similar mixture of polyester, Lycra, and synthetic fabrics. They work well enough, but synthetics will never … Read More

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Kitsbow Origin Base Short - Men's
Kitsbow Origin Base Short – Men’s

The best designs need not boast, and the Kitsbow Men’s Origin Base Short greatest accomplishment is that it spends the entire ride going completely unnoticed beneath your shorts. Crafted to disappear, the Origin Base Short’s supremely comfortable design lets you … Read More

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Kitsbow Origin Long-Sleeve Jersey - Men's
Kitsbow Origin Long-Sleeve Jersey – Men’s

Just because saggy and baggy seems to be the norm in mountain bike wardrobes these days doesn’t mean that loosey-goosey has to be your style of choice. You can embrace clean lines and a keen eye for detail, thanks to … Read More

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Kitsbow Origin Short - Men's
Kitsbow Origin Short – Men’s

So, lycra has been your thing for some time now, but you’re thinking about branching out into the world of baggy mountain bike clothes. Unsure of where to turn, or what shorts will still feel comfortable, you might feel like … Read More

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Kitsbow Origin Short-Sleeve Jersey - Men's
Kitsbow Origin Short-Sleeve Jersey – Men’s

Spin your legs on some singletrack with clean lines and style inspired by the classic era of cycling in the Kitsbow Origin Short-Sleeve Jersey for men. With a slim-fitting aesthetic, simple — yet elevated construction, and timeless colors it’s easy … Read More

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